Cyrsiau - Teaching

In the School of Environment and Natural Resources Matt currently teaches:

  • ENR 3800 - Principles & Tools of Ecosystem Restoration (the philosophy, theory and practical tools used in restoration ecology)
  • ENR 4800 - Practical Skills for Ecosystem Restoration (field-based class providing training in the "hands-on" side of restoration)
  • ENR 5560 - The Dynamics of Ecosystem Restoration (focuses on understanding ecological trajectories and interpreting scientific evidence of restoration outcomes)

Past courses

  • ENR 8890.02 - Database Design and Management (occassional offering)
  • ENR 4900.01 - Environment and Natural Resources Management Capstone (focuses on developing ecosystem restoration plans)

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At the University of Glasgow Matt taught:

  • Earth System Science
  • Research Methods for Environmental Scientists
  • Energy: Options for Sustainability
  • Restoration Ecology Field Course
  • Introduction to R